Sunday, February 23, 2020

Tesla Motor Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Tesla Motor - Research Paper Example Tesla Motors is leading in manufacturing electric car batteries as well as electric vehicle sports activities cars that can run on the highways and utilize battery of lithium-ion and the foremost electric car that may voyage more than 200 miles per charge (Howard Web). Americans who are environmental conscious buy many cars made by Tesla Motors. There are however various ways in which global warming may be minimized such as reducing amount of fuel burnt in the air by decreasing amount of car use and using energy efficient vehicles. Moreover, Tesla’s beautiful cars have faced concerns over potential fire risks. This makes customers question the company’s quality and safety especially in North America where many incidences of fire have been experienced. However, the company’s technological features have ensured that the people are warned before they are hurt by fire. Despite the achievements that the company has gained from its technology, Tesla still makes losses and does not meet its sales target. Strong demand for Model S has never been recorded as expected and the production is not sufficient because of the supply constraint the company undergoes. Production of Model S is very high and the supply of battery sale faces some constraints. Ohnsman explains that battery supply issue has hugely affected the company negatively thus tarnishing the company that is always committed (Web).